Gypsum Floor Masters has revolutionized the lightweight concrete flooring industry.  We were the first to introduce Firm-Fill Gypsum Concrete flooring to Arizona and New Mexico.  We’ve been at the forefront of this industry since its inception and are proud that this advancement is now worldwide. Our gypsum concrete is widely used in the construction of apartments, hotels, townhouses, custom homes and other multiple-storied structures where the need for a firm, fire-resistant, soundproofed floor is required.

Gypsum Floor Masters also specializes in noise-reducing product installation.  We are the exclusive carrier of the patented Regupol and the Quiet Qurl sound mats.  These specialized sound insulators are installed on floors directly under the gypsum concrete and provide your projects with the necessary impact sound protection rating required for multi-storied buildings. 

We are dedicated to our customers and take pride in making sure they are completely satisfied with our work.  We provide a quality-control team to monitor each and every job, thus eliminating the costly call that many onsite supervisors make on a daily basis. 

Not only do we do all installations ourselves, we stand by our quality and guarantee our work for years to come.  We have performed installations for every situation, condition, job and challenge, therefore, we can advise you how our products will improve your developments and help keep you compliant with existing building codes. Our business serves commercial and apartment builders as well as individual homeowners.